5 Signs You Are Working With A Bad Real Estate Agent In Middletown, Dayton, & Cincinnati

You’ve searched long and hard for the best real estate agent in Middletown, Dayton, & Cincinnati, but there’s just something about the one you’ve chosen that doesn’t sit right with you. How can you tell if you’ve selected a bad real estate agent? Here are 5 signs you’re working with a bad real estate agent in Middletown, Dayton, & Cincinnati:


Your real estate agent shouldn’t be blowing up your phone with calls, emails, and texts, but they also shouldn’t be completely silent, either.

Even if there haven’t been any requests for a showing or your agent hasn’t found any homes for sale that meet your requirements, they still should at least be letting you know that information. It’s their job to notify you not only when things are going well with the home buying and selling process, but also when things aren’t going so well.

Your real estate agent should check in at least once a week to give you an update on how things are going, and they also should have a plan for beefing up their marketing or search efforts when activity is slow.


If your real estate agent in Middletown, Dayton, & Cincinnati always agrees with you on every point, whether that’s they take your initial listing price without modification or they jump on your thoughts to undercut on every offer by 10 percent, you may be in trouble.

Your agent is supposed to be the expert in buying or selling a home and should have well-reasoned answers for everything. Even though your agent disagreeing with your listing price or offer can be frustrating, their job is to represent your best interests even if that means disagreeing with you.

If your real estate agent in Middletown, Dayton, & Cincinnati asks you what you think your home is worth and then turns right around and lists it for that exact price, ask them why they believe your home should be listed at that price. They should be able to produce some sort of research, including looking at similar homes in your area that have sold for the same price, to back up their decision.

When they can’t produce any reason other than, “This is what you asked me to do,” it’s time to find a new agent.


Your real estate agent in Middletown, Dayton, & Cincinnati should be pulling out all the stops to help you find a home to buy or to help you sell your home for the best price.

If your agent isn’t marketing your home in every available resource or isn’t checking all places where homes you may want to buy could be listed – without a valid reason to avoid them – then they aren’t doing their job to its fullest.

It’s your real estate agent’s job to pull out all the stops to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible and for the best price, so they should be doing everything they can to help you buy or sell a home.


Yes, there is an element of haste when it comes to buying and selling a home. The faster you’re able to act on an offer or to make an offer, the better off you usually fare.

However, if you feel that your real estate agent in Middletown, Dayton, & Cincinnati is putting too much pressure on you to make a decision before you feel ready, that’s a bad sign. This means they’re more concerned about making their commission and moving on and less concerned with truly helping you buy or sell a home.


Technically, your real estate agent’s job ends the day you sign the papers.

But a great real estate agent in Middletown, Dayton, & Cincinnati will contact you after that date to see if you have any follow-up questions or concerns. This shows the person truly cares about you and your happiness, and you’re not just another paycheck.

Going above and beyond is the sign of a great real estate agent and one you should consider working with in the future and referring to friends and family.

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