Advantages of Keynote Realtors

Here Are The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Work With Keynote Realtors:

1. Professional REALTORS treated like Professional REALTORS
2. Keynote Realtors – Respected in Real Estate Community
3. Your own desk space – or Work at Home!!
4. Fast Roadrunner Internet Connections
5. Convenient Office location with full-time staff
6. Our agents make their own business decisions
7. Competitive Commission split
8. Freedom to make decisions on your own
9. Valuable Floor Time (Phone) for Agents – Voluntary
10. Full-time Broker who gives full-time assistance to all agents

Also, we’re FUN and so much better than the boring, old, stodgy brokerage you’ve been wasting away at for who knows how long. Really, why are you still there??

Commission Plan Available To Our Agents: 

Our 60/40 then 70/30 Split Plan –

Designed to compete and beat traditional office split plans. Company pays most of your expenses (personal advertising and marketing agent pays – company pays everything else!)

Start at a 60% split – then you go to 70%!

You earn it – You get it!


Call Nichell, Director of Marketing at 513-434-8006  for a confidential interview. You can also reach out via our Facebook page!