The Rent To Own Process For Sellers in Middletown

In a slow real estate market – where homes are slow selling and mortgage requirements are stringent – a rent to own arrangement may be a good option for selling a house. In fact, these arrangements are becoming more popular and more common. The rent to own process for sellers in Middletown involves a lease … Continued

Alternative Ways To Buy And Sell Middletown Real Estate

Most people think that real estate transactions are done in one manner – get a real estate agent to broker the deal. The reality is there are many ways to buy and sell real estate. Often the alternatives require some additional work on the part of the buyer or seller. Learn the alternative ways to … Continued

Guest post by Suzie Wilson If you’re gearing up to move, you may be hesitant to put your home on the market during the holiday season, but there’s no reason to fret. The Middletown housing market continues to be competitive with an average list price of $97,750 throughout the course of the last 30 days … Continued

The Rent To Own Process For Buyers in Middletown

For people who can’t qualify for a mortgage or can’t come up with a down payment, a rent to own agreement can provide a avenue to home ownership that these people wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Rent to own buyers rent a home for a period with an option to buy it later on, often … Continued

The Pros and Cons of Rent To Own Real Estate in Middletown

Not every home buyer is in the position to qualify for a traditional mortgage loan. There are many reasons that could lead to a mortgage decline, such as a previous bankruptcy. This is not always an indication of future mortgage paying ability. If you are looking for a home to buy in Middletown and don’t … Continued

How To Buy An Apartment Building in Middletown

Maybe you’ve reached the point in your real estate investing career where you’re ready to buy an apartment building. If done right, with careful planning and due diligence, it can be a lucrative investment move. You just need to be aware that buying an apartment building is a much more complex undertaking than investing in … Continued

How To Finance A Multi-Family Property in Middletown

A multi-family property can be a good real estate investment and is often the next step for investors who have previously purchased single-family properties. A multi-family property can generate more income and build net worth faster. Before taking the multi-family plunge, investors do need to determine whether they’re really prepared for the greater responsibility and … Continued

Tips for Buying Multi-Family Properties in Middletown

The typical progression is for investors is to start out with single family homes and then, after gaining experience and accumulating more operating capital, to graduate to buying multi-family properties. If that’s where you find yourself in your investing career, you may be approaching that next stage with some trepidation. But not to worry. All … Continued

What A Great Buyers Agent Will Do For You In Middletown

There are real estate agents and there are great real estate agents. Don’t assume that your buyer’s agent is exclusively a buyer’s agent and don’t assume he is great. With so many balls to juggle in a real estate purchase, there are some key things that great buyer’s agents will do for you in Middletown. … Continued